12 year old weight loss transformation | My Weight Loss Journey |

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    1. You did awesome! I’m 11 and 150lbs… I hate myself so much and I’m taking inspiration by you. I’ve started and I’ve stopped breakfast, I’ve worked out, drank water.. I hope I can end up like you!!!

    2. Ur a really big inspiration to me. I am 11 years old and I am 109 lb but aftr I saw this I got inspired and now I am 80lb I’m really happy tysm. And u got a new subscriber in both of ur channel.

  1. Her: 12 years old, wasn’t happy for her body, looses weight

    Me: 14 years old, not happy about my body, eating chips

  2. “i started seeing results in 10 months”
    me trying to get a massive glow up during quarantine: 👁 👄 👁

    1. @Payamayal Make sure you diet as well, you cant see results without eating healthy! The two go hand in hand 🙂 and dont set un-realistic expectations for yourself too. you should only be losing about 1-2 pounds a week. In the first week, you will lose 2-4 pounds of water weight. So keep your head up and keep going! 😊

  3. Who is wathching this during home quarantine? Hit the like

    Edited: Thank you all guys for 1.9k likes!! 💖💙💛

  4. I think its good that she recognised her weight wasn’t healthy for her body and decided to make a change!

    1. Her weight was completely healthy! 110 is healthy for a 12 year old and even if she weighed more than that she could’ve been healthy as long as she was eating healthy! we don’t know whether or not she was healthy, but she didn’t have to force herself so she could change her body 😢

    2. Liv529 She did not force her self for this, she felt like she wanted to lose weight and did that in the most healtiest way possible, and she looked happy while doing that

  5. she just wanted to be ONLY a normal child !! maybe she didnt feel good with her belly .. so dont say ” oMg SHe iS toO YoUnGggg” ,annoying

    1. I am 15. I have been obese since I was 8. Overweight since I was 7. I’ve always known what healthy habits were and I knew I was far from them. I have heard the words “I’m going to lose weight” or “You need to lose weight” or other similar phrases repeat every single day in my head since I was 8. I worry because I know what it was like at that age to think “I hate my body” and “I need to lose weight.” I also know how common yoyo dieting is throughout adolescence, teenage years, and into adulthood. I am so glad she is happier and healthier now. I myself am losing weight right now, down 30 pounds. But- I have been battling depression, social anxiety, and periods of starving myself/overeating because it felt pointless to lose weight as I’d just gain it back. I do not express my concerns to be annoying, nor have I posted them anywhere on this video. But childhood obesity/general weight gain can lead to EDs and other serious things if that is all that goes through your head at such a young age.. not that that is particularly happening here, but I just know what it can do to teens. All of us want to be normal.. I just always feel so worried when I see others going through similar issues because I know where I am now and what many others similar to me have gone through. I am not suggesting she has an ED nor am I suggesting she has body image issues. You sometimes just cannot help but worry that things like that could develop from something like this. I hope she can keep it off and never has to go through something like that, truly. She has obviously had great success too, which is amazing and takes dedication. She should be proud of what she accomplished.

    2. In addition, hating the way you look at such a young age can be detrimental to developing a positive outlook on your body. Now, she is learning how to be healthy which is great for someone her age. But, it absolutely killed me to hear a 12 year old disliked her body. It is just so easy to see weight loss as a tool to make you like your body more and while it may be healthy now- that image could warp in her head overtime. Once again- she did a great job losing the weight and is healthier now which is always good. But please- do not call others concerns annoying because someone else may see something in a completely different light than you.

  6. Lexie, you are a rock star to get yourself healthy. Do not let those magazine covers fool you. Just because you see skinny woken does not mean they are healthy. Keep seeking for a healthy lifestyle for you. A way of healthier eating and exercise routines that you will stick with for life. Foods that do not make you feel deprived. I am a 51 yr oldwoman, post menopause, and just lost most of my weight gain from menopause. I am finding maintaining weight to be the most challenging.
    Dont fall for the low fat diet. It about killed me. Do not be afraid of healthy fats like avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oil, cheeses, etc. My skin and hair got so dry.
    Enjoyed your video. Blessings to you.

  7. Good for her! I really liked the fact that she had a “realistic” and “healthy” perception of what slim is. She looks great!

    1. It’s not crazy anyone can do it it just takes work excersice eating healthy and motivation

    2. laura winchell I guess she saying it’s great that a 12 year old lost 20 pounds because they usually can’t buy their own food , so they have to eat what their parents make them

    3. ​@It’sJustRonda It’s not that much, I lost 27 lbs in 8 months… And I am 13 years old, so…

    1. Green Oranges she mentioned that her parents ate from them and I think (could be wrong) she said that she didn’t even like pizza

    2. @Fleur Langermans You can eat pizza once in a while but ofcourse it is better to not eat it, I’m sorry

  8. Everyone: Weight loss isn’t only about self image. Being overweight can cause a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression through chemical imbalances. As long as you’re losing weight in a healthy way, there’s nothing wrong with it, and to judge this little girl based on her healthy life choices is ridiculous.

    1. For me, stress is nothing to me. yeah sure. The astounding transformation of reaching the good 6 pack you wanted can make anyone smile. But stress is a weight of the past that may hold on to you, unless if you see the world as a toy. Until then will you have the perfect transformation.

  9. Who else literally looked up how to lose weight as a kid

    Edit: this is literally the most likes I’ve ever gotten kinda sad been on this for like half of my life

    1. Well I’m an adolescent male at 15 years flat, so I weigh 155 pounds, 5 foot 8, but I have strength higher than most people in my year/grade group. I don’t show it but I can do 40 top notch form pushups consecutively, 10 chin ups and 6 standard pull ups, I can leg press 200kg, I jump rope 1000 times a day, I can swim multiple lengths in a row. I’m still unhappy with my current stage, I want to get to 140 Lb, and master calisthenics, ambition is key, hunger is an insatiable desire that shouldn’t be limited by your laziness, embrace the tenacity

  10. “The most I have ever weighed was 110lbs”
    Me sitting in quarentine weighing so much more at the same age oh”

    1. @msfiya251 OK well I’m 5″4 so not that much difference. And anyways muscle weighs lots more than fat

    2. @Lily Cartlidge right I lift weights more than I do cardio, I like to feel my muscles burn and she’s 12 and I’ll be 38 on the 18th so that’s a big factor. I’ve tried the pressure point technique and I’ve been fasting for 3 days straight with no appetite at all. I didn’t think that crap would work for real.

    3. @msfiya251 yeah you just have to watch out for hidden calories sugar, salt and fat in your ‘healthy’ foods and you’ll be fine

  11. Her: Success never comes overnight
    Me: *“How to lose belly fat overnight”*
    Bruh I’m not even kidding I just searched for this 💀
    Nice video💖

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