Before & After Smile Makeover

Before & After Smile Makeover

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Before & After Smile Makeover Transformations Innovative Dental – At Innovative Dental 2013 was a fantastic year of changing peoples lives through the power of a smile. All of the smiles in this video were completed in single visits without goopy impressions, temporaries, or multiple appointments and shots. You will see cosmetic veneers, crowns, smile make overs, bridges, dental implants, immediate dentures, and tooth colored fillings.

Before & After Smile Makeover Transformations Innovative Dental

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Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping one’s mouth clean and free of disease and other problems (e.g. bad breath) by regular brushing of the teeth (dental hygiene) and cleaning between the teeth. It is important that oral hygiene be carried out on a regular basis to enable prevention of dental disease and bad breath. The most common types of dental disease are tooth decay (cavities, dental caries) and gum diseases, including gingivitis, and periodontitis.

General guidelines suggest brushing twice a day: after breakfast and before going to bed, but ideally the mouth would be cleaned after every meal. Cleaning between the teeth is called interdental cleaning and is as important as tooth brushing. This is because a toothbrush cannot reach between the teeth and therefore only removes about 50% of plaque from the surface of the teeth. There are many tools to clean between the teeth, including floss and interdental brushes; it is up to each individual to choose which tool they prefer to use.

Sometimes white or straight teeth are associated with oral hygiene. However, a hygienic mouth can have stained teeth or crooked teeth. To improve the appearance of their teeth, people may use tooth whitening treatments and orthodontics.

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    1. Gerri Lynn I bet ur teeth is better then mine I have a lot of cavities and my teeth are stained yellow

    2. Me too bro, I always smile like this 😊 I really want to change it to this😁

  1. After reading a few comments, I thought I should clarify. Almost all of these treatments were performed in a single visit for far less than $10k. Some in the comments have acted like most Americans can not afford this treatment and that is simply not true. Most of our payment options are less than a couple hundred dollars. Who could not go without a smart phone and satellite TV for a few years to have a smile that will change their life forever! Just sayin!

    1. Where are you located? The cost here in Canada. Would be 50k I was quoted. I badly need help. And would fly anywhere to have teeth like this that I can afford. I’m a single working Canadian mom. Watching as my teeth just get worse because I’m saving and dint have the kind of money they want here.

    2. Rolfathan well I’m 17 and have 20k saved up with no help from my parents and I’m not wealthy of any sort. It’s because many people only seek instant gratification and obtain debt that keeps them from enjoying other luxuries like this surgery. Just be smart with your money ofc this isn’t the case for everyone but a vast majority of US citizens are living paycheck to paycheck due to over spending.

    3. @neber122333 Yes, but most of the damage is done to teeth in the adolescent years, or in families where children were not taken to the dentist.

  2. I think it is so unnecessary for people to be so rude and negative about this video..also for the comment below not everyone was born with perfect teeth. As for the profanity…well enough said.. I really like the photos..GREAT WORK Innovative Dental!!

    1. Troy Adams yeah but they weren’t born with black dirty teeth that’s just someone not looking after there teeth

    2. Ya it should have been there responsibility to take care of there teeth so is there fault
      They put there selfs in that situation

    3. @Tristen Popowich

      Genetics is a huge factor, here. While people aren’t born with rotten teeth, some people are born with the genetic blueprint to have them in the future…no matter how much they take care of them.

    4. Traci-Jean Behind Blue Eyes

      I know, like I was born with no tooth so I’m missing one

    5. Troy Adams – You are right! I have okay teeth. No matter what I eat and no matter how much I brush, I always need fillings! Even as a child – Same issue.

  3. I wish I could get my teeth fixed, at the very least get them all pulled. They are constantly abscessed and painful.

    1. @Ray Serna it’s a little too late and too much wrong, brushing prevents, but still need teeth/roots pulled out. It’s inside the gums where to toothbrushes cant reach where people get abceses.

    2. Brush your teeth after every meal (or at the very least once in the morning and once at night) to keep your teeth healthy and do a warm saltwater rinse twice a day, which’ll help remove small pieces of food and bacteria from your mouth and that’ll help keep your teeth and gums healthy and minimize the chance of infection until you go to see a dentist.

    3. @Twilight Tiger236 brushing and flossing alone wont work for a long time. You need dental cleaning, you need treatments for your teeth. Some people take medication that ruin their teeth.

  4. The one thing I love about this is the difference in their smiles, yeah the improvement of course, but also how they smile a lot bigger now 🙂

  5. It’s always nice to have that kind of teeth but it costs such money that other people couldn’t afford. Thank God I live in Japan and I had mine done for free❤

    1. Not sure where the Canadians who say they get free dental care live but here in Ontario, no it isn’t free at all. Not covered by OHIP (health care) and only covered by insurance either through a job dental plan or an independent insurance plan. If you are on assistance you get a emergency care visit covered, if an adult, and basic care if you’re a child. That’s about it. The rest of us pay cold hard cash.

    2. @Ashley Meyers what if your a pet owner you get free dental is that what you mean?

    3. @dana jenkins no I think that was a racial stereotype implying that Japanese eat cat and dog meat

    1. The U.K is far more expensive for dental care. That’s why Americans joke about British peoples teeth being bad. Most don’t have the money.

    2. It’s extremely expensive, so a lot of people cannot get the medical care they need, like me.

    3. @marisha4sure what? I just got free braces from free under 18 dental care? And medical care is always free if you pay nhs tax and even dental care is cheap if you pay the tax

  6. I need my smile back as well. People are always like “What’s wrong? Smile some.” Little do they know I wish I could. It sucks that dental is not included with health insurance when dental is a health issue as well. I wish before I turned 21 that I could get whatever work that I needed to get fixed done, but I didn’t know about it until after I turned 21. I am 25 now and right now I am out of a job and looking for a nice job with great benefits. Once that happens for me, I’ll be getting dental insurance and saving up for my teeth to get fixed. People should not have to live with their teeth like that. The worst fears for me is going to interviews and hiding behind a smile or trying to cover my teeth because I am embarrassed by it. I feel like once I get that smile back, I’ll be okay and smiling more than I’ve ever did.

    1. Hlo sir ma’am plz help me 😞😞😞
      I have a teeth problem 😬😑😑..plz location vandinu plz….plz…plz

    2. Me too, I’m lucky to have the family I have. I got braces and everything covered by my parents, and we by no means are close to having a lot of money! We just have good insurance. They covered about 4,000 of it so we only had 1,000 to pay off in 5 months. I’m pretty sure they covered the retainer I will need after, too.

    3. I know the feeling, at least I know that I’m not alone, it’s hard living with this . Wishing I could go back in time and appreciate my teeth more. One thing I suggest , stop the bacteria from eating the rest of your teeth is to STOP EATIMG CANDY I would eat candy then fall asleep and not brush the next day and the sugar slowly rots your teeth from the inside out. I am trying to save the teeth I do have…GOOD LUCK GUYS and you are not alone.

  7. I’m too embarrassed to see a dentist. I’m to the point in my life that I don’t smile. I’ve been battling diabetes and finally found a dr that treated my condition but I have paid the price.

    1. Simon Gakonyo hi Simon. Yes I need your courage. Mine is from so many things, having braces at a young age and not listening to retainer wear to being abused and having some of my back teeth knocked out to just bad teeth. I just can’t afford it and on top of it just embarrassing

  8. My teeth are decaying. Just realised one in front broke out. I need help so fast it ain’t funny. I always cover my mouth when laughing

    1. Me too. 😢 i cant express myself more because my teeth are broke in front and it embarrasing to smile or laugh. 😢😢

  9. These examples are for those who can afford. For people like me who cant, we are left to rot away. There is no worst feeling then to never smile. We are judged and unable to defend. Life sentence.

    1. Work In Progress USA feel that way everyday, but one day I would afford it. Just not now

    2. I feel u I use to be a descent looking dude and since my teeth rottened away I’m too bs depressed to get a job. Ho out with friends and date. I’ve been in my own bubble for 3 years now. It sucks but I’m just so disgusted with myself. Idk what ima do.

    3. That’s horrible. You should try to get a dentist to help you out, give you payments, start a go fund me, something. It obviously is very important to you and I wish you nothing but the best of luck with it.

    4. Just come to Algeria, if you want to get good implants, an implants coast about 350/400$ with the crown!

    1. Traci-Jean Behind Blue Eyes

      he’s telling the truth smart one.You should’ve took good care of them and not eat junk food and eat much healthier.

      Who’s the idiot now?

    2. @Wow Thats Cool My beautiful, well taken care of teeth got badly damaged in a car accident so it’s not always that people didn’t take care of them… Just something to think about

    3. @Wow Thats Cool I was sitting in traffic at a red light and a guy that was texting rearended my truck at approximately 50 mph. I saw it coming in my rearview mirror and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. When he hit me all I remember hearing was this little pop and everything went dark. I woke up in the ambulance screaming in pain. I had 2 broken thumbs, 3 broken ribs, broken ankle in 3 places, sprained both knees and a severe concussion from the impact of my head going through the rear window and when my seat belt let go smashed my face off of the steering wheel and lost my two front teeth and cracked several others. The guy that hit me was not insured and my insurance didn’t cover all of my hospital bills. It was a traumatic experience that left me with the constant reminder of the accident everytime I smile… I’m grateful to be alive but I miss my nice teeth and can’t afford new ones…

  10. What really gets me is how much more the people smile in the after pictures. You can tell they’re much happier and more confident.

    1. anyone who doesnt trim their nose hairs before they see a dentist a deadass

      no im not a loser who is trimming their nose hairs in the mirror, get out of my bathroom! damnit!

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