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Contact a specialist in pediatric (children’s) health, visit:

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In this medical animation, created by Nucleus Medical Media, a normal vaginal birth is depicted, specifically highlighting the three stages of labor. The stages include the shortening and dilation of the cervix, descent and birth of the infant, and birth of the placenta

Contact a specialist in pediatric (children’s) health, visit:

An embryo is an early stage of development of a multicellular organism. In general, in organisms that reproduce sexually, embryonic development refers to the portion of the life cycle that begins just after fertilization and continues through the formation of body structures, such as tissues and organs. Each embryo starts development as a zygote, a single cell resulting from the fusion of gametes (i.e. fertilization of a female egg cell by a male sperm cell). In the first stages of embryonic development, a single-celled zygote undergoes many rapid cell divisions, called cleavage, to form a blastula, which looks similar to a ball of cells. Next, the cells in a blastula-stage embryo start rearranging themselves into layers in a process called gastrulation. These layers will each give rise to different parts of the developing multicellular organism, such as the nervous system, connective tissue, and organs.

A newly developing human is typically referred to as an embryo until the ninth week after conception (see human embryogenesis), when it is then referred to as a fetus. In other multicellular organisms, the word “embryo” can be used more broadly to any early developmental or life cycle stage prior to birth or hatching

First attested in English in the mid-14c., the word embryon derives from Medieval Latin embryo, itself from Greek ἔμβρυον (embruon), lit. “young one”, which is the neuter of ἔμβρυος (embruos), lit. “growing in”, from ἐν (en), “in” and βρύω (bruō), “swell, be full”; the proper Latinized form of the Greek term would be embryum.

Contact a specialist in pediatric (children's) health, visit



    1. @donald louk jr. Please use fucking grammar, jesus christ I had a hard time reading that.

    2. than u bro i am also mom, so i am very happy, my son is my world, my son is 7 years old

    3. donald louk jr.

      I don’t think anybody but you can understand what you just said.

    1. lili let’s agree that women and men can feel equal pain. Women with labor, and men with injuries to the balls.

    2. lili ok, calm down, I respect your decisions full well. Men have just as much work as women.

    3. @lili when you realized your mother was waiting for her next period

      *but she got a person like you instead*

    4. James Burn i’m not protecting any gender but, those are things anyone can do, a man cant deliver a baby no matter what, but a woman can hold the door for men, give up seats on buses, have tough jobs. There are things that we can do but(some) choose not to & there are things we just can’t do.

    1. MULTI FANDOM your mother doesn’t control your adult life. Once you become 18, you’re legally in control of your life, and your mom cant tell you what to do.

    1. Unless they’re abusive, my arent but it happens, if anybody hurts you and does it repeatedly, they dont deserve you , my grandma will always say “you and your brother should really stop fighting and love each other because you’re siblings.” I’m just over here thinking to myself “well you weren’t there when he hit me , when he made me cry , when he called me a slut.”

  1. I’m so excited!! 6 more days, n I will have my baby girl in my arms!!!👐😘🤰🏻👨‍👩‍👧😙😙😙

    1. I’m still young,i’m 12 but i feel like i’m gonna have a baby boy in the future

    1. @Hannah Dyson well I I understand what u want to say…it’s true that being a mom doesn’t make u great and not all mothers are god…but we r talking about them who loves their children…and being a mom is not overrated..

    2. @· Morgan · I am triggered and I am a proud feminist…and the fact that u have to stick every this with what about men argument says a lot about u… secondly being a mom/dad is a job and not very exciting one…u are responsible for an another humans life…so stop bringing what about boys issue in area where it is not relevant…next we know that u people are saying that breastfeeding is hard on men cause it’s not their fucking mouth there and how they have sacrificed it for the baby😒

    1. donald louk jr. Lmfaooo I think you’re an abortion gone wrong 🤣 that’s why you’re all bitter

  2. All women….. respect for all your courage and bravery going through pregnancy and going through labor…really you guys are troopers 🖤💙✌️

  3. cutting the opening is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY in most cases and is an outdated practice still practiced routinely which only results in lifelong complications.

    1. @Rebecca Sjödal My mum was cut when I was born in 1990. Apparently, she was about to have a c section but I started to come out at the last minute. I was also delivered using forceps. My mum had postnatal depression. I also have autism and am now wondering if it was because of my traumatic birth.

    2. @Kinky Oreo I also have autism and my birth was pretty traumatic too. It took me 10 hours to come out and at last the midwives had to push mom’s belly to get me out. And when I came out I was blue in my face because I had trouble to start breathing

    3. @Kinky Oreo I think you mean postpartum depression, not postnatal depression, also autism is genetic which means you were going to have it the moment you were conceived and has nothing to do with what happens during or after childbirth.

    4. @Khaji Null no, episiotomy is very important in those cases where it is required. It is usually done in special cases like forcpes delivery, obstructed labor or when the perinium threatens to tear. If not done, the mother can have lifelong infections and problems in subsequent pregnancies.

  4. I’m a dad of 2 and this makes me nearly cry every time. The baby swiveling to get the shoulders out is crazy. What a beautiful and difficult process

    1. Just had my second and I agree. It is truly the most amazing thing you will ever see.

    2. I think your wife is really lucky to have such a lovely husband. Never try to upset her 😇

    1. You mean to tell me that hairy pink monster on my girlfriend’s body opens up that damn wide! Damn! She can barely take my lil peter man. 😆

    1. @Natasha Gonzales C section should only be done if its medically necessary not because you dont want to go through labour pain!

    2. @debbie peter You think women want to go through the pain of pushing a human body out of their vaginas? At least let them get an epidural…

    3. @Don Cheeto Epidural is fine. C-section is a major operation and requires a longer recovery so yes, unless medically necessary, it should be avoided. And actually most woman want to have a natural birth!

    4. For real though. Like having children is one of the best things but the hard 9 months and painful Labour is not it😭

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