| DAY 1 | Women’s FAT LOSS Workout AT HOME! (Hindi / Punjabi)

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Women, primarily STAY HOME MOMS often struggle with weight issues due to time restrictions.

We thought to shoot a video that can help ladies in losing fat at home with basic moves.

Can't go to the gym? Gym is too far? Too expensive? No gym in your city/village? You can do this series at home and lose weight.

This can be done by WOMEN & MEN.

Follow our weight loss DIET PLAN with this workout, see diet plan playlist for plans.
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This is DAY-1 workout, perfect for starters!

Diet plan to go with it:

Hope you like this video.

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  1. sir when u show d exercises please take a fat lady as model as its easy for a slim to do it easily but difficult for a fat person so we can see exactly see what happen and can do accordingly.

    1. Exactly i was abut to say she z already slim 😥😥😥 i want to knw hw cn reduce belly fat

  2. for anyone who needs it
    1) 4 sets – 50 reps of high knees
    2) 4 sets 8-10 reps of push ups
    3) 4 sets 10-12 squats
    4) 4 sets 25 reps jumping jacks
    5) 4 10-12 sets reverse crunches.

    1. Can u please tell 1 set mai 50 lagany hai ya 50 ko 4 set mai complete krna hai??

    2. 4sets-50reps of high knees
      4sets8-10reps of push ups
      4sets 25repof jumping jack
      4sets of 25reps reverse crunches

  3. मोठे इंसान को workout करते हुवे भी दिखा दिया करो । पतला इंसान तो ये सब आराम से कर सकता है । ।।

    1. can u plz tel me that apny daily yahii exercise folloow ki thi ya phr day 2 ki alag ki day3 ki alag??

    1. MY BOLLYWOOD BODY Thank you for uploading your video so we can workout at home while lockdown.

    2. Can i start your this series workout as i have gone through C.section and its been 2 year. Please me soo.

    3. Hello veer g tusi gallan bhut krda ho ek exercise krwakr itni gallan marda ho itna rest to koi nhi danda jinha tusi gallan krka rest danda ho

  4. Your exercises are really great!!! Can u also please show warm-up and cool down exercises for all the videos you are keeping!! It helps us in not falling into any injury..thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Thanks A lot for such An amazing series ! i was waiting for this and searching since long !!!

  6. Sir thank you for dis.. It’s so clean n every detail is perfect…. I really want to go for dis…

    1. @rohan raj now it’s my second day…. I hope I get the results by doing all workouts….

    2. Sonia Meti ji so many thanks for your information may you plz share your experience and result at eight nine four nine five three three six one one thanks again and my best wishes for your health and beauty good luck and good afternoon 👍 👍👍 👍👍

    3. @Richa gwalani ya i couldn’t continue coz of body pain it really hurt me lot…. I was not able to wake up from my bed for 3days……. So now I’m trying Lucy’s workout dey r good not so stress full n gave me good result too…..
      I’m not blaming dis workout.,…. It’s upto strength….

  7. Can I do all these exercise series for my weight loss after my c- section. 2 years back I had the C- section. Thank you so much for helping so many people.🙏

  8. Why people showing videos with perfect body shape.. You can try this video with some fatty shaped body and you can show result daywise.
    I think it will be more inspirational. 😊

    1. Marketing strategy h don’t worry har workout video m pehle s slim log hi aate h

      Baki yeh b h ki they worked hard with for this slim body behind the camera

    2. Na na this is very old video. In his recent videos he has a very chubby cute lady who exercises😁 so chill v all will get there exercising.

  9. Day 1 workout which will be week 1, do we need to do Mon to Sat every day or alternate day that means 3 days in a week?

  10. Yaar u guys are amazing …I love ur workouts though I haven’t yet started but inshallah soon. Do u have diet plan also along with this 100 days plan.?

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