How to STOP Your Cat Spraying Everywhere: 9 tips for success!

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If your cat is peeing outside the litter box or spraying everywhere then these 9 steps will help you get to the bottom of the problem and help you stop your cat peeing everywhere.

Cats who urinate everywhere, who choose not to use their litter tray or are spraying on the couch or on your bed either have a severe stress problem or underlying medical condition.

It is also a very stressful thing for us as owners to deal with.

Use an enzyme spray to clean up properly:

Working through these 9 steps will help you work out what the cause of peeing everywhere is and work out how to stop your cat spraying everywhere.

1. why do cats spray – to mark their terratory
2. figure out if spraying vs urination – spraying is urinating against vertical surfaces (like the couch) and urinating involves squatting and urinating on horizontal surfaces
3. make sure no underlying medical problem – cystitis, stones, bladder tumor, arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease – these can either cause an increase in urine production or make it hard for your cat to use their litter box
4. make sure they are neutered – neutered cats have a reduced marking drive
5. reduce their stress levels – stress is a huge cause of spraying
6. litter tray management – number, type, cleaning frequency, litter type
7. move either tray or food bowl to spot where they repeatedly urinate
8. proper cleanup – using the wrong thing can make the problem worse
9. avoid these things – negative reinforcement, deterrent sprays, use ammonia cleaning products

Working your way through these steps should get your cat using their litter box again or stop them spraying everywhere.

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    2. blaquebeauti1 you have to get them fixed before they become sexually mature. About 6months is the limit

    3. @blaquebeauti1 because neutering often stops this problem and you can’t tell before you neuter if it is going to be successful in stopping or not because sometimes it wont help

  1. This is crazy but I have told my old man cats are like people who are living with over population and soon to get the understanding of what it is. Thanks

  2. when i lay down cat nip for my boy, i often sweep the floor and push it towards his litter box,
    this encourages him to use his box and I scoop his box every two days and change his box once every two weeks.
    his box is mixed with fresh step & tidy cat inside of an tall closed litter box encloser.
    with an litter pad and a trash bag folded on top.
    everyday when i come home from work i’ve got to sweep the floor cause his litter and catnip is everywhere which is a very good sign that he’s taking to his box’ and my boy is very heathly.

    1. hope these tips help. The problem with peeing on electronics is that they are almost impossible to clean properly and when they warm up they increasingly emit the scent that this is the place to toilet

  3. I am toilet training my cat right now. Exciting stuff. So far it’s going really well but haven’t finished the process yet.

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  4. cats are a pain in bum ive had my cats cheekcec an there still pissing on on stuff how do i stop it

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