My 300lbs Weight Loss Left Me With 13lbs Of Loose Skin

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A MAN who shed an incredible 310 lbs after becoming morbidly obese has had 13 lbs of loose skin removed in a life-changing procedure. At one point, John Allaire was so morbidly obese he wore 8XL shirts and had to be weighed on a commercial scale at a fish market, as standard scales would not hold his weight. But after joining a fitness programme and dropping from 540 pounds to a lean 230 lbs, the 27-year-old was left with severe excess skin. John underwent skin removal surgery in March which saw the bulk of the loose skin on his torso and arms removed – but will require further surgery in the future to remove the skin on his lower body.

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    1. Its.not just weight losing gaining is also very hard .So any kind of good transformation is hard.

    2. Especially at the beginning when you have to really watch your body as it hurts to work out. It does get easier over time. Like keeping track of portions, carbs, protein and fat ratio in food gets easy since you memorize it. Then the body improves so exercise isn’t as hard.

    1. @Bidu Bidu What are your sources for this? Academic journals for this claim? Or is it just a personal viewpoint that you’ve manifested with your biased and limited lense of an actually extremely complex situation which cannot be deduced into mere short sentences with baseless claims

    2. You can only steer a person so far in a certain direction. Regardless of how much encouragement she gave him, weight loss is still a decision he needs to make for himself.

    1. @E-David I. that’s what I’m saying! Africa is actually really beautiful and have so many amazing qualities but they only see the bad parts

    2. @Farah Joyner Popsicles arent food to give to the homeless… Sugar is basically garbage.

  1. All that skin is just a sign that not even nature itself was prepared for the amount of work he was willing to put in.

    1. Saatsumaimo It’s also not my business if someone is doing heroin but i’ll still advice the person not to do it.

    2. queen jeski You think so? Because I’m 217 and I want to drop down to 160-170 and I’m hoping I’m not left with loose skin.

    3. @I Pee Nuts yes it is, he could get skinny Just with a simple diet and a little of exercise, but it durates a lot, this man worked himself at the point that he was faster tan his skin

    4. dirty dan Says the dude with a profile pic of a fat dude in a Spiderman costume (presumably you) twerking

  2. He’s not hard too love .
    He’s just obese .
    She’s not hard too love.
    She’s just a gift from God.

    1. How is she a gift from God and who says either of them are good people? Europeans are very easy to manipulate.

    1. He still has loose skin all over, but the idea was to get rid of enough that his quality of life would improve, not to make him perfect

  3. I’m hoping to get my excess skin removed soon , as I have gone from 480lbs to 233lbs.

    1. Finally got to see the surgeon due to the pandemic. They will do the operation. Being in the UK it is on the NHS I fill all the criteria to have it done, it is just a tummy tuck, if I need anything else I would have to pay for it .
      Not sure when it can happen yet, again due to the pandemic. But it’s another step down the road to getting it done

  4. Meanwhile on My 600 lbs. Life:

    Patient: “Dr. Now I eate right and exercised”

    Dr. Now: “You gained 20 lbs since your last visit…you are after your gastric bypass”

    1. Akshey Gupta

      It’s a show called my 600lb life. You should watch it. It’s very entertaining and motivating

  5. The credit goes to his girlfriend…what a classy girl. She prefer his soul, rather than his body…My man huge respect, what a determination. I seriously wish both of you…an amazing successful, healthy, and wealthy life!

    1. Smith
      As much as the truth hurts and many people disagree imma have to agree with you.
      Looks don’t matter all the time but most of the time looks matter. It’s like any other animal they impress the girls with their colors or looks.
      This is my opinion but as much as we might want to say looks don’t matter it’s like instinct to react to a cute girl or boy in a romantic way instead of a less good looking person. of course that’s not always the case

    2. She inspired him to get serious and now look at him. A liece of buff eye candy with a big heart. Truly, a story to inspire us all.

    3. His wife is pretty and skinny.. props to her for not looking for his physique.. she’s an angel. 😇

    1. It’s proportionated to his previous condition.
      This is a side effect of obesity.

  6. His surgeon did a great job on him! Didn’t leave him looking like Frankenstein. Very skilled surgeon indeed

  7. Damn. That is crazy. He looks like a different person. It is so crazy how extra weight hides who you are.

    1. @Come Correct 🤦🤣🤣and do u think there is just one person in the whole world who have the same character 🤦 this is just a percentage

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