The Stars Secret To Youthful Looks For The First Time

The Stars Secret To Youthful Looks For The First Time

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The Stars Secret To Youthful Looks For The First Time

I came to discover this as a result of hearing what my clients wanted to improve about their skin.

For example, one of my clients, Maria, a woman from Puerto Rico, would tell me what worried her.

Now she’s only 37, but this is very common for women in their 30s…

The thing she hated most was fine lines appearing around her eyes

And she likes to use the social network Instagram, but she told me she could never upload a photo without first using special filters to blur out those lines.

That might sound extreme, but let me tell you…
it’s far more common than you might imagine.

And I have another client, Sandra. She’s from Kentucky.

She’s a little older, in her mid-40s and In her words,
“Dealing with wrinkles and darkness under her eyes was a losing battle she couldn’t win”

And believe me, these women, like most of my clients, kept out of the sun.”

They didn’t smoke or drink.

The Stars Secret To Youthful Looks For The First Time

They were trying the creams, the retinol cream, the vitamin C cream, argan oil, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, sometimes even chemical exfoliants like AHAs and BHAs

and I tell you…

Every time a woman confessed how their skin troubles hurt their self-esteem and how they had no choice but to roll over and accept it…

It bothered me.

I felt helpless to do anything about it…

But all that changed one day, and I’ll never forget it…

it was something that one of my sweetest clients, Bernadette said to me.

She was 56, so she’d been through the fine lines stage and she’d learned to live with wrinkles and darkness around the eyes

But recently, she’d begun to experience sagging skin on her face, neck and decollete area

And the fact that she had her eye on a man that she’d recently met only made it worse.

I told her, “ You should ask him out ,” but she said, “Come on Leslie, he knows beautiful women in their 20s and 30s.”

I said, “You come on, he’d be lucky to have you. We can do your makeup really well. You’ll look really beautiful and you can ask him out and then”

And then the truth hit me.

She said, “But Leslie, even if you make me look like a million bucks and even if I win him over, there’s going to come a time when he sees me without makeup.

When he realizes I’m not really as pretty as I’m letting on, when he really knows what I look like, he’ll run for the hills.”

I really felt for her and the part that bothered me the most was that I didn’t even have an answer for her

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